About Us

Ka’a Design studio was founded in 2016 in Ankara by designers with over 10 years of expertise who wished to freely express their professional passion.

It is an interior architecture and landscape design company creating sustainable spaces with a simple but non-monotonous understanding, blending the traditional with the contemporary. It analyses the desires and needs of its clients, plans and designs the space according to this data, and completes the process through interdisciplinary cooperation, information sharing, and research.


We named our company inspired by the word “Ka’a”, meaning “courtyard” in Ottoman architecture. Ka’a is the heart of all structures; it is life itself.

Thus has Ka’a Design’s philosophy been formed: Not only do we give body to structures by meticulously synthesizing interior architecture units in accordance with your wishes, but we also give them life and spirit.

Let us bear in mind that only living spaces are livable. Let us together give life to the habitats you have set your heart on!